“Kelly is more than just a wedding photographer, she works to be sure that the wedding process and wedding day are organized, stress-free, and FUN!  My husband felt a little uncomfortable about the idea of posing for photographs, but Kelly made us both feel instantly at ease with her warmth and sense of humor. Leading up to the wedding day, Kelly helped as I organized my timeline and took the time to understand our specific family dynamics and needs for the day. Now that I look back at our amazing photos, I am so thankful that Kelly was our photographer. She captured the most important moments, created some beautifully scenic shots, and (most importantly) her photos reflect love and joy from the day.  Kelly has more than just an artistic talent, her ability to connect with people keeps everyone organized and laughing, allowing for natural and authentic photographs. I can’t imagine working with any other photographer and I recommend her to everyone I know!  Kelly is the BEST!!”




“Many years ago, I started following Kelly Boitano’s photography site. She was an old friend of mine and I was absolutely blown away by the incredible moments she captured in every single one of her photos. I emailed her right away telling her that someday when I got married I was going to use her as my wedding photographer! Two years ago, when I got engaged to my special guy, having Kelly as the photographer for our wedding was the absolute one thing I knew for sure! Throughout the planning process, Kelly was a delight to work with! Her enthusiasm for her profession and eagerness to help us make out day the most perfect it could be was so genuine and heartwarming. Kelly is one of the most loving people I know and her love for photography and for her couples is evident in the moments and details she captures. On our wedding day she was professional, calming, excited, approachable, and overwhelmingly warm to each and every person she met. She won over our entire wedding party and family, who all were blown away by her bubbly and outgoing, yet unwavering professional demeanor. Our photos from the wedding are exquisite and Kelly’s skills and personality are one in a million. This woman and her photos are perfection!”




“I couldn’t possibly offer a higher a recommendation for Kelly Boitano! I initially decided to work with Kelly because she was the photographer for my sister’s wedding and I was incredibly impressed with the way she captured every detail of that beautiful day. Prior to our wedding, we also had Kelly take our engagement photos. Going into our engagement session, my husband and I were pretty nervous and uncomfortable because we’d never taken any professional pictures. However Kelly’s energy, unbelievable sweetness, and dash of adorable quirkiness quickly brought us out of our shells. Her ideas for shooting locations were creative and fun, and she turned our shoot from something my husband and I were initially stressed about, to something we enjoyed….plus the photos that resulted were something we’ll cherish forever. Fast forward to our wedding, and instead of being nervous about having our pictures taken, we were excited and couldn’t wait to see how Kelly would capture our special day. Her final product was better than I ever could have dreamed, and even though we now live 2000 miles away, we hope to be able to continue working with her to photograph our growing family in the future. Kelly’s love of photography shines through in her work, and her customer service couldn’t be better. Thank you Kelly for being one of the reasons that our wedding was the best day of our lives!”




“I wasn’t into planning the details of my backyard wedding and my mom took the lead. The only request I had was to book Kelly as soon as possible- I’ve been following her photography for quite some time. Kelly got us all excited for the big day, keeping in touch and organizing everything photo-related. When the day came, we could not have been more impressed with Kelly’s work. Her bright, silly and outgoing personality shine through, you can tell she is truly living her passion with wedding photography. When we got the photos, I cried looking at them! I was blown away by the quality of the photos, the way Kelly can catch candid moments brings back every emotion of the day. Since we have family all over the world, photos are the only way we can share our wedding- and I feel so thankful to have chosen Kelly as our photographer! Kelly, we love love LOVED working with you and will treasure our photos forever.”





“The first person that knew Nick and I were engaged was Kelly.  She had recently shot his sisters wedding so we already knew that her work was stunning & how fun she was to work with.  Having a good photographer was so important to us because we knew that person would be right there with us in almost every moment on our wedding day.  She is also a wealth of knowledge when it comes to wedding planning and truly kept me sane during the process.  We couldn’t be happier with how everything turned out, she made the entire day feel so relaxed and easy.  We absolutely love her and can’t wait to use her again in the future!”




“I knew I wanted Kelly to be our wedding photographer even before my husband and I were engaged. Her photos are that amazing! I’ve been lucky enough to see Kelly in action at 3 weddings, as a bridesmaid, a guest, and as bride. Each and every time Kelly has killed it! She is unbelievable at what she does. Not only is she professional and efficient, but also she is crazy bubbly, funny, and has an uncanny ability to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera. I am obsessed with our engagement and wedding photos. The images she was able to capture are beyond what I could have imagined! I would recommend Kelly to anyone I know getting married. She is the gal you want documenting your most special moments.”




“I followed Kelly’s work for a few years prior to being engaged and knew when the time came I had to have her photograph our wedding. After we got engaged Kelly had one weekend open for the rest of the year, so I immediately booked her for a date 5 months out before even having a venue- like I said, I REALLY wanted her as our photog! Having Kelly as our photographer was easily one of the best decisions I made in the wedding planning process. She made our wedding photo process stress free, from our initial meeting to receiving our beautiful photos. Kelly has a way of bringing out and capturing the natural love and joy in all her couples, which drew me to her work. The passion and love she has for her craft is transparent when she is behind the camera to the final product we received. I can’t express how happy we were to have Kelly photograph and capture the best day of our lives!”




“Our good friends referred us to Kelly after we fawned over the beautiful photos she took for their wedding. From the very first conversation, we knew we had not just our wedding photographer, but our life photographer! Kelly’s bubbly personality won us over immediately and her ability to work with us and capture our vision of the day was seamless. She fit right in at our wedding and went above and beyond to make sure my husband and I focused on each other and not on where the camera was. Kelly won over everyone and left with 100 more friends and captured the beauty of every moment along the way! We couldn’t have been happier with the results!”




“Knowing that photographs are one of the best ways to remember your wedding day, my husband and I knew how important it was to find the right photographer. I had been in a wedding that Kelly photographed, and from that moment on I knew that she would be the perfect fit. Kelly is truly an incredible photographer, with work that speaks to her talent and amazing ability to capture the purest of moments. But in person, she is so much more than that. On our wedding day she wasn’t just our photographer, but also acted as a dear friend. She encouraged us, supported us, guided us through the craziness, kept up the excitement and joy, and made both sides of the bridal party feel incredibly comfortable in front of the camera. She is so fun to be around and very personable around everyone at the event. Everyone loved her, but even more so, loved her work. She captured everything we wanted and more, and we absolutely love our photos and couldn’t be more happy with all that she did for us! It’s a gift to have such an amazing depiction of a truly special day, and we are so thankful for the memories she helped preserve. “




“My husband, Scott, and I did a lot of research on wedding photographers – it was one of the wedding details he was really opinionated about! I found Kelly’s photos on a wedding blog, and instantly developed a crush on her photography style (all her pictures were beautiful but they also seemed to naturally capture a couple’s love and style without trying too hard!). What Kelly’s pictures don’t tell about her, though, is how amazing she is to work with. The day we met her in-person, she put us both at ease – as much as we could be in front of the camera – and her love of her work and her love of LOVE in general is just infectious for everyone around her. We’ve had multiple people from our wedding tell us afterwards how much they appreciated her presence and personality, and I’ve since referred her to multiple engaged friends, which happily means I’ve gotten to see Kelly while I was a guest at someone’s wedding after mine was over! Seriously, I can’t recommend her enough both for her work and her bubbly, happy, amazing personality!!”




“Before I knew that Brian was “the one”, I knew that Kelly Boitano was “the one” who would someday photograph my wedding. I had never met her but had seen people “like” her pictures on Facebook. I didn’t care about the details, the food, the dj, or even my dress – I just needed her to be my photographer. We even moved our wedding to a Thursday just to make it happen!
First, Kelly Boitano is simply an amazing person who puts her whole heart into what she does, and she puts people at ease and brings genuine smiles to everyone’s face. I have a traditional Mexican grandmother who doesn’t smile in pictures, and Kelly captured my grandma smiling multiple times on our wedding day – there are NO OTHER pictures (ever) of her pure joy, and I will treasure those pictures for the rest of my life.
Secondly, Kelly is flat out TALENTED. She’s this little ninja who doesn’t stop moving and has the perfect eye for pictures. I picked Kelly because her pictures aren’t just snapshots of what you can see, but snapshots of what we were feeling and experiencing. Our wedding pictures convey every emotion from that day, and when I look at them it brings tears to my eyes (I’m NOT a crier!) because I feel it all over again. Kelly tells a story through her photography, and I love that it’s not the Pinterest story she wants, but the story we as the couple had to tell. I am IN LOVE with our wedding pictures!
Lastly, I didn’t realize this until the day of my wedding, but as a bride the person you actually spend the most time with is your photographer. Kelly was the best person to hang out with all day – she kept me laughing, took care of me when I told her what I did or didn’t want, and genuinely cared about me. Even my family mentioned how much they loved my sweet, funny photographer. Normally people don’t even notice if the photographer has a personality – but with Kelly, you get the best package!”




“Holy Moly I am SO HAPPY to be looking at my wedding photos! One of the most common questions I got asked while engaged was, “So who is photographing your wedding?” and I have to say I made THE BEST decision by having Kelly Boitano fly all the way from California to shoot our wedding. She is seriously AMAZING and I am in LOVE with our pictures!!!!”